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When a picture Must say 1000 words . . . Call 248-828-0666!


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Providing 100% guaranteed commercial wow factor photographic excellence for the marketing needs of business. Now is the time to distinguish and differentiate your premises (architecture), products, people, executives and/or food for electronic or print media. When a 'picture Must say 1000 words', call 248-828-0666

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The freelance photography of award winning commercial photographer 

William Cowger 

of Troy, Michigan, USA

(248) 828-0666

[email protected]


William Cowger is a commercial photographer specializing in advertising, food, architecture, executive, and product photography. Distinguish yourself... nothing says average more than average photography.


Architectural Photography services include interior photography that captures the architect's vision with both wide surround and tightly focused architectural and decorating accents.  Making commercial, industrial and residential exteriors look beautiful is the goal of our exterior photography on site or from the air. Depending on the direction the building faces, the exterior architecture shots are often shot at dusk or dawn to highlight the beauty of the structure in great light. 


Our environmental food photography features not only the mouth watering food, but also the ambiance of your restaurant with  like this. Combining food shots that demand to be tasted with our widely popular interior and exterior architectural photography provides a complete solution to restaurants and hotels.  We love working with models or your team to capture people enjoying your food and drink in the restaurant like we have for The Townsend Hotel among others.


Product photography shot in studio or on location, has included capturing a wide variety of items such as chocolates, beverages, laser part builders, white products against a white background, auto parts, shoes, jewelry, and laser welders. At no additional charge, all product images may be delivered in a layered "cut out" format so that any background may be placed behind them. Shooting products in use with lifestyles models may well tell a more complete story for your clients.


Whether it is for an annual report cover or headshots for a website, William Cowger's executive headshot and environmental photography services include studio studio and location photography. Executive headshots are usually shot at the client site while tethered to my laptop.  From the laptop, the subject selects the preferred photo before leaving the set, so they know immediately that they have a great shot. We can shoot an entire team with minimal disruption to their busy days.


All of our photography services are based on an hourly / day rate for capture. The primary skill we bring to the table is our ability to capture special images that speak for themselves.  Depending on the needs, I will typically have an assistant and often a stylist to provide the utmost in image excellence. Our rates include unlimited use for any media.  Usage has included billboards, sides of trucks, posters, annual reports, brochures, TV ads, web sites and social media. We also can assist with models for lifestyles photography. Every delivered image has been professionally tuned by our artists. Extensive image manipulation is available at an additional charge.


Mr. Cowger is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Michigan. Acacia Photography, Inc. is a member of the Troy Michigan Chamber of Commerce in Michigan, and the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce in Michigan.


Partial Client List

Townsend Hotel

Somerset Inn

Inn at St Johns



Schaeffer Group

Miller Canfield

Stark Reagan

Hershey Insurance

Big Rock Chophouse

Griffin Claw Brewery

Granite City

Celani Wines

Stackpole Int'l


Atheneum Hotel

Stage Deli


Identity PR


Think Linear

Dr. Jessica Gaul

Dr. Anthony Youn

City Wings

Core Partners

Auto Beat Daily


Gregory & Meyer

Hilton Hotels

Marriott Hotels


MArble & Granite

Norr Architects

John Tagle Assoc.

Morgan Stanley


Triad Products


Custom Firegrates


Detroit Trading

Bloomfield Party

Birmingham Dance

E. Gilbert & Sons

Variety Foods

Casa Real


Lyon Grille






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